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Los Angeles Home Appraiser Appraising L.A. Leads the Industry in Technology

At Appraising L.A. we strive to be on the forefront of real estate and appraisal technology. Our Los Angeles home appraisers use the new advancements in the industry to provide you with a quick and accurate appraisal report without having to sacrifice quality.

The appraisal process has changed at a rapid pace in the past few years and has become much more demanding. The Appraising L.A. staff has streamlined the routine in order to complete the process in less time, using the new technology available to bring you the very best; focusing on providing the most credible reports, the fastest turnaround times, and the best customer service.

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Take a look at how Appraising L.A. makes ordering easier

In the past we received all of our orders through faxes and phone calls. In this scenario, it often took days or weeks to hear back from homeowners to see if the order could be served. These days, the majority of the orders reach us through Appraising L.A.’s fast, easy to use website and our staff can update information on the go and in the field, sending back email confirmations and speaking with the occupants that same day.

Our Los Angeles home appraisers are concerned with deadlines, but we’re even more concerned with making sure you’re happy. Whether it’s online, on the phone, or by snail mail; whatever way of communication is easiest for you is the one that we’ll use. Let us do the work for you and make the appraisal process as simple as possible.

Using Technology in the Field

Collecting data for a home appraisal is a demanding process. Our Los Angeles home appraisers spend a great deal of time gathering specific information about the property in question as well as general statistics about the residential market and emerging trends, and using the proper technology can help speed up this process.

Rather than use paper forms and pencils like before and re-keying all the information again back at the office, our team uses tablet PC’s and smartphones to collect data on site. Our Los Angeles home appraisers combine all of these new technologies to ensure that the final report is as comprehensive and as accurate as possible. This aids both us and the consumer by lessening the time created by call-backs and revisions.

Here at Appraising LA we make sure you have more options to receive your report.

The majority of our appraisals are delivered through emails as PDF documents. However, the PDF documents aren’t sent as attachments. Whether they are too large, incompatible with the device you are using, or simply get lost in translation; attachments can be a major headache. By removing the attachment process, our Los Angeles home appraisers solve a lot of potential problems right away. And the email link is good for 90 days, so if anything happens to the file, you can log back into your history or into Appraising L.A.’s website to retrieve the link without having to call anyone or ask us to send it again.

Digital Workfile Technology

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could forget about the projects you completed as soon as they were done? Our Los Angeles home appraisers don’t have that luxury. A home appraisal is a legal document outlining the condition of a property on a specific date, and our staff is obligated to keep their reports for five years after the process in case any disputes or other matters arise regarding the property.

Therefore, Appraising L.A. stores every minute detail of the appraisal- notes, sketches, calculations- along with the entire appraisal report itself electronically in case you need to retrieve it at a moment’s notice.

These are just a few examples of how we use technology on a daily basis to optimize the appraisal process. Using the correct software, services, and gadgets allows our Los Angeles home appraisers to save time without cutting corners and deliver a better, more cost effective product to you, the customer.