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Los Angeles Home Appraisers - A Few Steps to Faster Turn Times

The real estate industry is constantly changing, including the role of the appraiser. And with these changes comes the need for more information, more research, and more steps added to the appraisal process. All of the due diligence done by our Los Angeles home appraisers is used to guarantee the end consumer the best, most up to date information possible to allow them to make the most informed decision possible. In order to maintain our leadership position in the industry and meet these changing requirements, Appraising L.A. is gathering new tools and altering our own processes in order to increase our efficiency and complete more work for our customers. Since our staff knows that time is money, for both our customers and us, we have provided a handful of tips you can do to shorten the turn times on the appraisals you order through our company.

  1. Order Appraisals Online
    If you order your appraisal online you’ll receive an automatic e-mail acknowledging that the order was received, as well as a safe report delivery. Ordering online is the tip our appraisers encourage most and will save you a lot of time and hassle in itself. That way, our staff doesn’t need to re-type the information by hand from a fax or paper document and can spend more time on you.

  2. Make sure that the subject property information is accurate and complete.
    While it may not seem like it, the difference between 6404 Wilshire Boulevard and 6044 Wilshire Boulevard can actually be quite staggering. Try to make sure that the information you provide our Los Angeles home appraisers is as accurate and up to date as possible. Your property is unique; any information that helps us help you is greatly appreciated.

  3. If you have any questions about your property or an appraisal we're working on for you, feel free to call us at (888)444-3488

  4. Let us know up front of the property's unique elements.
    Track homes and cookie-cutter style houses are easy to appraise. But if your home has a unique style or certain amenities that add value, we’d like to know about them right away. And if you’re home has any flaws that might detract from the sale price, we’d like to know about them up front as well. While these are things that will come up in the due diligence process, finding out about them early helps ease the process and gives our Los Angeles home appraisers a head start. The same goes for the surrounding neighborhood. Whether it’s the fact that your home is only a few blocks from the beach or that it’s prone to landslides- the earlier we get the information the better.

  5. Let the occupants know what to expect.
    Understandably, many homeowners are uncomfortable with the idea that strangers are going to come inside their house and scrutinize every little nook and cranny. A common notion for homeowners is that they need to make the place spotless and polish every square inch before an appraiser comes in; and put off making an appointment until they have done so. This is untrue. Our appraisal experts take into account a number of details about the house, and if there’s a towel on the floor or dust on the picture frames it hardly makes a difference. In fact, it benefits homeowners to set the appointment as early as possible. Our Los Angeles home appraisers are courteous and professional, and will treat your home with the utmost respect.

  6. Use our website to verify your report's status.
    Phone tags and faxes are a thing of the past. Use our website for up-to-the-minute status updates anytime, 24/7. As our Los Angeles home appraisers complete each important step in the process the information is updated instantly online. There’s really no quicker or easier way to track the status of your appraisal report.